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We are a young, innovative company, founded in 2008 by a group of programmers who decided to further develop their hobby.  However, within a short time, the company made significant progress and reached similar programming standards to those companies that already develop software.

We’ve created some great work conditions for our staff.

The company is growing quickly, with demand for our services constantly increasing.  Customers are really satisfied with what we do, and therefore we’re constantly looking to recruit new employees.

We need like-minded people.  Creative, industrious people, who are interested in solving difficult and unusual problems, learning new approaches and technologies.  People who like to communicate, to collaborate with colleagues on possible options for solutions, to share knowledge, to debate and to freely express their points of view.

You will already be working on interesting complex IT projects, and be able to demonstrate your abilities and creative thinking.

Our company greatly supports the success and professional growth of all its employees.

At JetThoughts, we promise a warm, relaxed atmosphere, working amongst a young friendly team, and communicating with extraordinary colleagues who have much to teach you and will help you whenever you need it.

You’ll be based in a comfortable new office, fully equipped with computers, large monitors, and fast access to the Internet to support your day-to-day operations.  We also offer flexible working hours, and a decent salary according to your skills and experience.

If you're a software developer and you wish to join our hard-working team, please send your resume to us at and provide us with further information.  We will then contact you shortly afterwards.  Thank you.


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